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Barriers and Disparities: Housing in America

January 22, 2021 through July 3, 2021
  • Laurance W. Miller, Robinson's House.
  • Gordon Parks, While Causey and Family, Shady Grove, Alabama, 1956.
  • James Alinder, At Breakfast, Fresno, California.
  • John Alvin Anderson, Modern Indian Home.
  • Ralph Steiner, American Rural Baroque.
  • Paul Strand, The White Fence, Port Kent, New York (from Paul Strand: Portfolio Three).
  • Louis B. Sloan, Self-Portrait.

In the book Evicted, Matthew Desmond argues that eviction and homelessness are not only results of poverty, but they may also cause it. To contribute to better understanding of the close relationship between residential instability and poverty, this exhibition explores selected moments in the history of inequitable access to housing in America. Works by Ansel Adams, John Biggers, Gordon Parks, Louis B. Sloan, and Paul Strand are featured for their potency in helping us to consider how housing can pose larger questions about systemic injustices in our society.

Barriers and Disparities: Housing in America is organized by Sheldon Museum of Art as part of Speak Up for Housing Rights, a city-wide initiative aimed at addressing eviction and housing affordability in Lincoln, Nebraska.