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Curator of Academic Programs

The curator of academic programs will serve as a liaison between the Sheldon Museum of Art and the larger University of Nebraska–Lincoln academic community. This position will bridge the museum and campus through research, development, and implementation of in-depth curriculum-based programs and other initiatives that will connect faculty and students to the museum’s resources, particularly the permanent collection and its special exhibitions. The curator of academic programs will strengthen existing programs and implement new ones, pursue active collaborations across campus, and play a key role in developing and achieving near- and long-term educational goals for both the museum and the university. Reporting to the director, the curator of academic programs will serve on Sheldon’s senior artistic vision team and oversee the museum’s education department.

Success in this position requires expertise in building and maintaining relationships with a diverse range of faculty, staff, and volunteers and a facility for navigating university hierarchies. The ideal candidate will possess a demonstrated commitment to object-centered learning and advanced skills in planning and implementing collection-based projects in course curricula and the use of museum galleries as alternate classroom spaces. S/he will also excel at facilitating collaboration toward positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

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