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Clocking In: Visions of Labor

August 16, 2022 through December 22, 2022
  • Lucas Foglia, Jesus, Jose, and Luis Harvesting Turnips and Miner's Lettuce, Heirloom Organic Gardens, California.
  • W. Eugene Smith, Nurse-Midwife Maude Callen.
  • Analia Saban, International Ladies Garment Workers Union, Made in USA, Clothing Tag.
  • Kruger, Untitled
    Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Progress is Your Most Important Product).
  • Ian Davis, Files.
  • Bourke-White, Steel Lines
    Margaret Bourke-White, Steel Lines, Fort Peck, Montana.
  • Richard Correll, Moving Timbers.
  • Aaron Douglas, Window Cleaning.
  • Renée Cox, Mother of Us All (from Queen Nanny of the Maroons).
  • Norman Rockwell, The County Agricultural Agent.
  • W. Eugene Smith, Nurse-Midwife Maude Callen.
  • Thomas, Cotton Bowl
    Hank Willis Thomas, The Cotton Bowl.
  • Fairfield Porter, Anne, Lizzie and Katie.

Second-floor south galleries, including the Rohman Family Gallery, the Sarah Pearson Campbell Gallery, the Henning Family Gallery, and the Woods Family Gallery

Six galleries touching on themes of gender, place, resources, and politics provoke questions about what it means to work. Clocking In presents art that challenges expectations about who engages in particular types of work and what kinds of jobs are valorized.

Labor’s mental, physical, social, political, and economic effects are explored through works by Lewis W. Hine, Barbara Kruger, Fairfield Porter, Norman Rockwell, Analia Saban, and Hank Willis Thomas, among others.