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It Was Never Linear: Recent Painting

May 6, 2016 through July 31, 2016
  • Stanley Whitney, Red.
  • Michelle Grabner, Untitled.
  • Dreamcatcher, an acrylic painting by JoAnne Carson
    JoAnne Carson, Dreamcatcher.
  • Barbara Takenaga, Blue Splash.
  • Robert Bordo, mother.
  • Lois Dodd, Ice Sheet, Blair Pond.
  • Loren Munk, History of Art Timeline.
  • Colin Prahl, Color Generator.
  • Peter Saul, Portrait in the Style of de Kooning.
  • Joyce Pensato, Mr. MotoMickey.
  • Dawn Clements, My bed pleins d'odeurs légères.
  • Josephine Halvorson, Night Window, August 2–3, 2015.
  • [INSTALL] Portrait in the Style of De Kooning
    Peter Saul, Portrait in the Style of de Kooning.
  • [INSTALL] History of Art Timeline
    Loren Munk, History of Art Timeline.
  • [INSTALL] Winter Sunset, Blair Pond
    Lois Dodd, Winter Sunset, Blair Pond.

This summer, Sheldon Museum of Art will celebrate abstraction in contemporary painting. Twelve artists have been invited to participate in It Was Never Linear, an exhibition of recent paintings and drawings. Each of the selected works demonstrates a primacy of the act of painting—gestural mark making and attention to surface materiality—over any true representation of form or figure. The participating artists span generations and include Robert Bordo, JoAnne Carson, Dawn Clements, Lois Dodd, Michelle Grabner, Josephine Halvorson, Loren Munk, Joyce Pensato, Colin Prahl, Peter Saul, Barbara Takenaga, and Stanley Whitney.

Support for this exhibition and its programming has been provided by H. Lee and Carol Gendler Fund.