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Point of Departure: Abstraction 1958–Present

August 13, 2021 through December 23, 2021
  • Odili Donald Odita, Passage.
  • Jill Nathanson, Cantabile.
  • Stanley Whitney, Red.
  • Lee Krasner, Invocation.
  • Carmen Herrera, Gemini.
  • Peter Halley, Colortron.
  • Sue Williams, Cutie Pie.
  • John McLaughlin, #1, 1965.
  • William T. Williams, Up Balls.
  • Terry Winters, Event Horizon.
  • Norman Lewis, Untitled.
  • Tony Bechara, May 22.
  • Mavis Pusey, Carome.
  • Ron Gorchov, Capital.
  • Lisa Corinne Davis, Deductive Data.
  • Norman Lewis, Untitled.

Second floor north galleries, including the Kathryn and Marc LeBaron Gallery

Point of Departure draws primarily from the museum’s extensive holdings of large, two-dimensional abstraction. Each of the works gives proof of the continued importance and resonance of artworks created devoid of recognizable subject matter. Artists featured in this survey are Tony Bechara, Ross Bleckner, Dan Christensen, Lisa Corinne Davis, Ron Gorchov, Peter Halley, Carmen Herrera, Anish Kapoor, Lee Krasner, Norman Lewis, John McLaughlin, Jill Nathanson, Odili Donald Odita, Larry Poons, Mavis Pusey, Stanley Whitney, Sue Williams, William T. Williams, and Terry Winters.

Exhibition support is provided by Kristen and Geoff Cline, Melanie and Jon Gross, Kathy and Marc LeBaron, Patricia and Joel Meier, Roseann and Phil Perry, Rhonda Seacrest, Lisa and Tom Smith, and Donna Woods and Jon Hinrichs.