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The Road Less Traveled

January 25, 2022 through July 2, 2022
  • Barbara Crane, Bus People, from the American Roads portfolio.
  • Thomas Hart Benton, Lonesome Road.
  • Ralston Crawford, Easthampton Bridge.
  • James Alinder, Mt. Rushmore, Black Hills, South Dakota.
  • Allan D'Arcangelo, June Moon.
  • Carol O'Neil, Untitled, from the S.F.A.I. portfolio.
  • Frank Gohlke, Aerial View, Tulsa, Oklahoma, from the American Roads portfolio.
  • Michael David Murphy, Jim Crow Road.
  • Steven R. Fitch, Highway 40, Denver, Colorado, August, 1979.

Gallery L, second floor south

The road trip holds a beloved place in the American memory, conjuring fond recollections of childhood journeys and long, endless highways. This exhibition complicates such an ideal with the realities of infrastructure and environment as visualized by artists Thomas Hart Benton, Barbara Crane, Ralston Crawford, Frank Gohlke, and others.

Exhibition support is provided Nebraska Arts Council, Nebraska Cultural Endowment, and Sheldon Art Association.