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Storyville: The Intersection of Abstraction, Allusion, and Depiction

August 16, 2022 through December 22, 2022
  • Leslie Wayne, Burning Down the House.
  • Elizabeth Murray, Wishing for the Farm.
  • Dexter Walwood, White Flag.
  • Jonathan Borofsky, Untitled, Man with Blue Tungsten Light Bulb.
  • Lisa Sanditz, Pearl Farm II.
  • JoAnne Carson, Night Blossoms.

Second-floor north galleries, including the Kathryn and Marc LeBaron Gallery and the Dodie Acklie Nakajima Gallery

At the intersection of abstraction, allusion, and depiction, the artist and viewer share equally in the creation of a work’s meaning. Storyville presents works from the museum’s collection that vacillate between recognizable subject matter and abstraction, providing various readings of each narrative.

This exhibition includes works by Carlos Alfonzo, Jonathan Borofsky, Derek Boshier, JoAnne Carson, Dexter Dalwood, Jedd Garet, Philip Guston, Clay Ketter, Robert Moskowitz, Elizabeth Murray, Lari Pittman, Lisa Sanditz, Peter Saul, Raymond Saunders, Fritz Scholder, T.L. Solien, Leslie Wayne, and Robert Yarber.