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Uncommon Likeness: Identity in Flux

August 12, 2016 through December 31, 2016
  • Do Ho Suh, Metal Jacket.
  • Enrique Chagoya, Le Cannibale Moderniste.
  • Carlos Alfonzo, God (turned) Backwards.
  • Heidi Schwegler, Passing Resemblance.
  • Thomas, Cotton Bowl
    Hank Willis Thomas, The Cotton Bowl.
  • Mosse, Drag
    Richard Mosse, Drag.
  • Wiley, Untitled
    Kehinde Wiley, Untitled.
  • Brown, Smoking Pipe
    Iona Rozeal Brown, Smoking Pip and Pods 11.11 and 12.23: trifecta inclusion, child walking past window heard to say, '1st comes...then comes...' pon farr mountain tops of memories of tomorrows (study).
  • Cave, Soundsuit
    Nick Cave, Soundsuit.
  • Simmons, Edie
    Laurie Simmons, How We See/Edie (Green).

This exhibition brings together major paintings, photographs, and sculptural works by contemporary artists who choose to depict the body as a point of examining mortality, transience, and identity. Uncommon Likeness includes loans from artists and prominent private collections, as well objects from Sheldon’s permanent collection, that speak to the human condition of negotiating both literal and figurative borders of geography, society, psychology, gender, and spirituality in today’s world.

CollectionTalk | Enrique Chagoya

On Thursday, October 27, artist Enrique Chagoya presented the second lecture in Sheldon's CollectionTalk series. He addressed "Reverse Modernism/Reverse Anthropology," his riff on Modernist appropriation of imagery from "primitive" cultures, as embodied in his 1999 painting Le Cannibale Moderniste. The canvas, which is part of Sheldon's permanent collection, is featured in Uncommon Likeness: Identity in Flux.