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Tiffany Chung's herd of 1,000 glass bison

Tiffany Chung's herd of 1,000 glass bison, featured in the 2019 exhibition Unquiet Harmony: The Subject of Displacement, captured the imaginations of Sheldon visitors.

These bison were displaced to an existence imagined by Chung. Unlike the majestic animals that were once a critical part of the ecosystem of the Great Plains, these fragile beings lived on the flat surface of a constructed pedestal that is symbolically reminiscent of the region's topography. The precipitous edge of the platform and the artwork’s title bring to mind the violent manner in which Plains bison were killed.

Chung is noted for her cartographic drawings, sculptures, videos, photographs, and theater performances that examine migration, urban progress, and environmental impact in relation to history and cultural memory. As an artist who is active internationally, she presented a major solo exhibition in 2019 at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Tiffany Chung: Vietnam, Past Is Prologue.

Chung was interviewed at Sheldon for The Modern Art Notes Podcast. Her conversation with podcast host Tyler Green is available here and on the podcast platform of your choice, as Episode 413 of the series.

in between foraging sites, first raindrops and the Big .50

Tiffany Chung
born Da Nang, Vietnam 1969
in between foraging sites, first raindrops and the Big .50
Glass, 2012
Courtesy of Tyler Rollins Fine Art, New York