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Richard Diebenkorn's Ocean Park Series

Richard Diebenkorn's Ocean Park #89.5 and April Gornik's Late Palatine Light in the 2018 exhibition Approaching Landscape.

Richard Diebenkorn moved from Berkeley to Santa Monica, California, in 1967 and soon began his best-known body of work, the Ocean Park series. Titled after the neighborhood where he established his studio, the paintings and drawings in this series are not strict depictions of the Ocean Park landscape. Instead, they represent Diebenkorn’s exploration of the interplay of light, color, and architecture around him.

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Richard Diebenkorn
Portland, OR 1922–Berkeley, CA 1993
Ocean Park #89.5
Oil and charcoal on canvas, 1975
66 × 81 inches
University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Anna R. and Frank M. Hall Charitable Trust by exchange, H-3091.1999