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Joinery, Coloma, California

  • Stanley Truman, Joinery, Coloma, California.

Selected by Shane Farritor
Lederer Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
College of Engineering
Founder, Nebraska Innovation Studio

I suspect most people are attracted to Stanley Truman’s Joinery, Coloma, California, because of the geometry—the circular annular rings on the logs contrasting the manmade straight lines of the joint. Clearly, the artist intended to highlight these features given the composition and perspective. 

For me, however, the attraction stems from professional and personal experience. From my perspective as a mechanical engineer, I’m drawn to and admire the structural aspects of the joinery. The structure is simple, yet extremely strong. I’m also a woodworker and further appreciate the two angles of a double dovetail joint that hold the corner in both directions. I am a self-proclaimed tree hugger. I love trees at all stages of their existence, including the beauty of natural wooden logs in manmade structures. I would like to be in the place where this picture was taken.