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Unprecedented: Art in Times of Crisis

January 24, 2024 through July 7, 2024
  • O'Neil, The Last Man on Earth
    Robyn O'Neil, The Last Man on Earth.
  • Jacqueline Bishop, New Orleans I.
  • Barkley Hendricks artwork: "Bid ’Em In/Slave (Angie)"
    Barkley Hendricks, Bid ’Em In/Slave (Angie).
  • Pittman, Thankfully
    Lari Pittman, Thankfully, you will have taught me freedom within constraints.

Second-floor galleries, including the Sarah Pearson Campbell Gallery, the Henning Family Gallery, the Kathryn and Marc LeBaron Gallery, the Dodie Acklie Nakajima Gallery, the Charlotte and Charles Rain Gallery, the Rohman Family Gallery, and the Woods Family Gallery

What does it mean to live in unprecedented times? Prior to the global pandemic in 2020, generation-defining crises included the Great Depression, the world wars, and the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Such challenges are intensified when we add the persisting issues of climate change, AIDS, genocide, mental health, and systemic racism that continue to be denied, ignored, and unresolved.

This exhibition explores art produced in response to either global or internal events experienced during periods of plight. The works in Unprecedented are artists’ expressions and documentation of humanity’s ability to weather times of uncertainty and upheaval.

This exhibition was organized by Christian Wurst, associate curator for exhibitions.

Exhibition support is provided by Sheldon Art Association.